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Parents are drinking and getting high more during the pandemic

We don't even know what month it is. Is it really October? March feels so long ago. We're sure the pandemic has been rough on you and your family. It's been hard on so many families. You have to work and be your kid's teacher?

That sounds rough. A lot of parents are having a rough time right now, which is why more parents are hitting the booze and the weed a little more than they did before.

A New York Times article by Jessica Grose takes a look at what's going on right now and the reasons for the increase. It makes sense to us. Jonathan Metzl, Director of the Department of Medicine, Health, and Sobriety at Vanderbilt University told her:

“This is an incredible, once-in-an-epoch stressful situation, and the kinds of outlets people usually have in their lives are just not available. We can’t go to the office, we can’t go to the gym, we can’t really see friends or family, and we never get a break.”

36-year-old mother of two Julie Kortekaas said her marijuana use has increased over the last few months:

"My hobby is doom scrolling and learning the science of Covid and smoking weed and sitting on the toilet staring at the wall. I just hide in my bathroom and vape."

COVID-19 is affecting us all, and we like to unwind as much as the next person, but please be safe. We discuss this article, and whether or not playing with dolls makes kids more empathetic, in today's segment with Justin Worsham!

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