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#TastyTuesday - More wine with your quesadilla?

Wine and quesadillas. That sounds pretty damn good, doesn't it? We found a fun piece in Food & Wine this morning all about how to pair a bottle of wine with different types of quesadillas.

We're all about strange combinations (We made tasty Cactus Cooler cocktails not too long ago), but this actually doesn't seem that weird. Most people think of wine as going with fancy foods, but quesadillas can get pretty fancy really fast.

And it's full of melted cheese! What goes better together than wine and cheese?! The article goes through a bunch of mouthwatering quesadilla ideas, so you're sure to find one you'll like. We're definitely doing this tonight!

Click here to read the full article.

Before the wine and quesadillas, we actually started out the segment talking about the wildfires up north and how the smoke is affecting wine grapes.

One Napa winery has found a way to pivot, by taking their "smoke-tainted" grapes and making brandy with them. Great idea! Check out today's #TastyTuesday with Neil, and let us know how quesadilla night goes.

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