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Swearing parrots removed from view at UK zoo

Watch your mouth! Officials at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park in the U.K. have removed five new parrots from public view after they started swearing in front of visitors.

The park is home to more than 1,500 parrots and just took in a new batch in August. All of the birds were housed together in the same room and apparently really enjoyed curse words.

Soon they all started cussing, which just made the park staff giggle, which in turn made the birds continue running their potty mouths.

Executive Officer Steve Nichols told Lincolnshire Live:

"For the last 25 years, we have always taken in parrots that have sometimes had a bit of blue language and we have really got used to that. Every now and then you’ll get one that swears and it’s always funny. We always find it very comical when they do swear at you.
But, just by coincidence, we took in five in the same week and because they were all quarantined together it meant that one room was just full of swearing birds. The more they swear the more you usually laugh which then triggers them to swear again."

Nichols went on to say that within 20 minutes of introducing the new birds, the park received a number of complaints that the animals were loudly swearing at customers.

While it was pretty funny, the zoo understood that it was not the best idea for children to be hearing that kind of language. Nichols said, "We put them in an off-shore enclosure with the intention that hopefully they will start learning the other parrot’s noise that are around."

Hopefully the birds will clean up their act!

Read more at Lincolnshire Live.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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