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#TerrorInTheSkies - Mid Air Meltdown and Flying Kidneys

Today's #TerrorInTheSkies is truly next level. Video posted to World Star Hip Hop shows the inside of a plane bound for Detroit, as a crazed woman screams and climbs all over the seats like some kind of demon.

The woman can be heard repeatedly shouting, "We're going to f*** all night b****!" It's not clear what set the woman off but one thing is certain, we've never seen someone like her on a plane before.

See for yourself!

We'd also like to take this time to tell you about flying kidneys. Yes, flying kidneys! Last week researchers from MissionGo successfully transported human organs via drones in Las Vegas.

The first flight on September 17th carried corneas from one hospital to another a couple of miles away, and a second flight carrying kidneys took place later that same day.

The kidneys were flown from an airport 10 miles away to a small town outside of Vegas. Organs are usually transported on commercial aircraft, but COVID-19 has dramatically cut back the number of available flights to throw organs on.

Organ delivery via drone. Groundbreaking stuff!

Read more at USA Today, and enjoy today's #TerrorInTheSkies segment below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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