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#TechTalk - Need a break? Have a robot do your chores

Most of us have been cooped up inside the house for the last six months. And at first cleaning was kind of a nice way to take our minds off of things, but that got old fast. It's time to take a break and let the robots take over, at least for cleaning!

We don't want to give the robots too much power and have a SkyNet situation, we just want a little help keeping our floors clean. Our pal and tech columnist Marc Saltzman has a new piece in USA Today with some cool gadgets to help you clean.

If you're looking for a floor vacuum, you still can't beat Roomba. Starting around $249, the 600 series features strong suction capabilities and can smoothly navigate around couches, chairs, bear skin rugs, pets, and whatever else you have in your house. It can run for up to 90 minutes and will return to its charging station all by itself.

What a good robot!

We've also got mopping bots for those hard surfaces in your house. The Braava Jet M6 can have wet or dry pads attached to it for wiping up crumbs, stray hairs, sticky spots, and more.

Marc's article also features window washing robots, lawn mowing robots, and more! Just give in and let the robots take over. Your house will look fantastic!

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