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Homeless man helps stop kidnapping in Westlake

Photo Credit: Steve Gregory

This morning LAPD announced the arrest of 24-year-old San Diego man Elijah Lopez, who tried to kidnap a 6-year-old girl from her blind father while they using public transportation.

The incident happened back on August 18th when Cesar Palma and his daughter Selena were on a Metro train heading home from Long Beach to Westlake. Lopez walked up to Palma and asked him if he could take his daughter home.

People on the train noticed something wasn't right and stepped in to stop Lopez. But when Palma and his daughter got off the train in downtown LA, Lopez continued to follow them and some more people stepped in yet again to stop him.

However, Lopez continued to pursue the family as they got on a bus. When they got off the bus, Lopez tried to grab the girl's hand and take her from her father. A homeless man and a woman who lived in their neighborhood jumped into action and stopped Lopez's fourth attempt at kidnapping.

Police were able to identify Lopez and he was arrested by San Diego County Sheriff's deputies on September 2nd. KFI News' Steve Gregory was at the LAPD press conference this morning and spoke with the homeless man who thwarted the would-be kidnapper.

It's a pretty amazing story. Listen below!

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