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#TastyTuesday - Tiers, Colors, and Beefalo

Last Friday we were hoping to hear from Governor Gavin Newsom about when dine-in restaurants and other business can reopen. Instead what we got was another complicated plan with more phases and tiers, and we also got colors!

So what does this new plan mean for local restaurants? That's what we discussed with Fork Reporter Neil Saavedra today! We also discussed a type of meat we've never heard of before. Are you familiar with Beefalo?

A Beefalo is a hybrid of a cow and a bison, and apparently they're pretty tasty. One beefalo is making headlines in Plymouth, Connecticut because the 1,000 pound beast managed to escape from a animal processing facility.

Police have been searching for the beefalo for about a month and were able to spot him using a drone. When they arrived to the location, they were unable to find him and are continuing their search.

Plymouth Police Captain Ed Benecchi told FOX 61, "“The biggest thing is just to stay away from the animal. It is aggressive, it has charged at a couple people already,” said Benecchi. “The biggest public safety concern we have is the fact that if someone hits this animal, a 1,000 pound animal versus a car, it could be quite catastrophic.”

According to the animal's owner, it will not be killed once it's finally caught. The beefalo will get to live out the rest of his days happy in a field. That's nice, isn't it? We'd love to eat some beefalo, but we're rooting for this one!

Listen to our full #TastyTuesday talk with Neil Saavedra below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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