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The Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know, with Mo!

Friday is finally here! Does that even mean anything anymore? Who cares, it does to us. On Friday's we always bring you fresh hot news nuggets, and we'll keep doing that probably until we die.

That being said, we were out today. But Mo'Kelly held down the fort for us and still has the nuggets you've been craving. Get your dipping sauces out, it's time for the Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know...with Mo!

Honorable Mention -Sage grouse face a new threat: Kanye West


8 - 40,000 pounds of manure cause stinky mess on C-470 ramp

7 - Delaware Man Charged With 5th DUI After Riding Lawnmower While Intoxicated

6 - Ireland under attack from sex-crazed spiders 'the size of your hand'

5 - Lock of Lincoln’s hair and bloodied telegram up for auction

4 - German police alerted to shots, find sleeping man and TV

3 - FDA: Don't drink hand sanitizer by accident

2 - ‘Walls were covered in mucus’: Nearly 80 cats removed from small Sedalia home

1 - 74 days, less than 1 mile later, Tennessee turtle recovered

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