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#TerrorInTheSkies - Woman may have caught COVID-19 from airplane bathroom

Airplane bathrooms are probably teeming with all kinds of bacteria, which is why we're not too surprised by this #TerrorInTheSkies story. Researchers from the CDC believe they have enough evidence to prove a woman contracted Coronavirus from an airplane bathroom.

The woman was one of 300 South Koreans on an evacuation flight from Italy back in March when the pandemic was just beginning. The researchers said in their report:

"On the flight from Milan, Italy, to South Korea, she wore an N95 mask, except when she used a toilet. The toilet was shared by passengers sitting nearby, including an asymptomatic patient. She was seated three rows away from the asymptomatic patient."

South Korean officials who organized the flight made sure infection control issues were in place, and that made sure everyone was tested before they boarded. All of the passengers and crew were also quarantined when they arrived in South Korea.

Six people tested positive after landing, and the woman who caught the COVID from the toilet showed symptoms eight days after she got home and was hospitalized. Researchers believe that because the woman didn't go outside, self-quarantined for three weeks before the flight, and did not use public transportation, she probably caught the virus indirectly from an asymptomatic patient.

And the asymptomatic patient must have given the virus to the toilet. Mo'Kelly discusses the whole story in today's #TerrorInTheSkies!

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