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#TastyTuesday - COVID canning and eggs!

What a long strange year it's been...

We've all got a lot of time on our hands which has caused us to do things we've never done before like hair cuts at home, school/work on Zoom, annoying social media challenges, or making sourdough bread.

Making homemade sourdough bread became incredibly popular this year, and now more people are jumping onboard the canning train making jams and pickling vegetables.

Because of the fast rise in at-home canning, stores are having trouble keeping shelves stocked with supplies. The Washington Post talked to a woman named Glenda Ervin, who's the Vice President of a hardware company started by her father to supply Amish people in Kidron, Ohio.

She saw demand for canning products increase around Y2K and just after 9/11, but right now she says sales in the category have gone up over 600%. Fork Reporter Neil Saavedra joined Bryan Suits to talk more about canning, fermenting, etc. and Laila Muhammad joined too to talk about eggs.

Today we learned Jacob sometimes microwaves eggs...We have mixed feelings about this, but he is Employee of the Month so he gets a pass. Check out the latest edition of #TastyTuesday below!

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