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The Nine Hot Ass News Nuggets You Need To Know

This week's News Nuggets are HOT. They are very hot, and you don't want to let them cool down. You gotta get 'em right now! They're fresh out of the oven and all of the dipping sauces are lined up over here.

So dish yourself up a plate and let's get going!

Honorable Mention -Woman who sued New Jersey country club over wine spilled on $30K Hermès handbag continues legal fight 

9 –New Wisconsin justice sworn in during ultramarathon 

8 –Minnesota Man Sells ‘57 Chevy Truck For Same Price He Paid 44 Years Ago 

7 –National Park Service Recommends Not Pushing Your Friend Down in Case of Bear Attack 

6 –‘Chief mouser’ Palmerston retires as UK’s top diplomatic cat 

5 –Iowa woman swallows tapeworm to lose weight 

4 –Former upstate New York mayor, 67, is killed and two others are injured after guacamole-making machine explodes 

3 –Dynamite in car turns out to be a beef stick, Kansas police say 

2 –German nudist chases down laptop-stealing wild boar 

1 -Braves organist pokes fun at Reese McGuire's masturbation case by playing 'Beat It' during at-bat 

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