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#StrangeScience - Penguin Poop and Hurricane Names

Step right this way into our lab! Just please be careful, and don't touch anything. The last group of people that came in here, well...

Anyway, you're here so we can educate you. So let's get into our first #StrangeScience story! Let's go all the way down to Antarctica where scientists have discovered something strange. Because of penguin poop, we now know about nearly a dozen new penguin colonies hidden on the great white continent. A new study from Remote Sensing Ecology and Conservation (you get their newsletters, right?) showed that a satellite spotted eleven new colonies of Emperor Penguins.

The new colonies mean there are about 20% more Emperor Penguins than originally thought! The discovery can also help scientists better understand climate change and it's affect on the bird.

Pretty cool! Now let's talk about hurricanes. Did you know we might run out of names to name them? How is that possible? This year's Atlantic season has been busy and record breaking. And according to a report from The Associated Press, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is expecting to run out of traditional hurricane names.

They predict 19-25 named storms, with 7-11 of them set to be hurricanes, and 6 of those being major hurricanes. Oh boy! Side note: There is an interesting article in the LA Times today making the case for naming heat waves. Click here to read that.

Poop, hurricanes, and more! It's all right here in #StrangeScience!

Wait, what did we tell you? DON'T TOUCH TH

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