#TechTalk - Need help losing your 'Quarantine 15?'

2020 has been a long, strange, sad year. It's also been a sedentary year for some of us, and it's also been a year of indulgence because why the hell not? If you've combined those two things together, then you've probably noticed that your shirts are a little tighter and you're at the last notch on your belt.

You've gained weight. That's okay! Maybe you're comfortable with yourself right now, or maybe you want to get back in shape and drop a few pounds. Either way there's no need to get Dr. Now on the phone.

Our tech friend from The Great White North, Marc Saltzman, has an article in USA Today with some nifty apps to get you moving more and eating healthy again. The apps 'gamify' the approach to weight loss, so hopefully you'll find the experience more enjoyable and not so much of a grind.

Here are the apps on Marc's list to check out:

Marc's also got some good Fitbit tips as well, so check out his segment and his article in USA Today! Also, we have to throw this in here. Marc used to be in a band back in the day, and we REALLY want him to dig up some old recordings. That's him on the bottom left.

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