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Coronavirus is contributing to a cigarette comeback

It looks like more Americans are lighting up good old fashioned cigarettes during the Coronavirus pandemic. According to executives at Altria Group Inc., the falling sales trends have been slowing down as more people are stuck at home and spending less on travel and entertainment.

Altria Chief Executive Billy Gifford told the Wall Street Journal:

“Fewer social engagements allow for more tobacco-use occasions."

Altria's brand Marlboro makes up 43% of all cigarettes sold in the United States. The company went on to say that since the banning of flavored vaping products, many people have switched back to smoking regular cigarettes.

Altria figured out that people who vaped also made the switch back to cigarettes because of the negative headlines vaping was generating. Remember "vape lung?" Remember when that was the big health crisis affecting this country?

Combine the change in vaping products with people stuck at home or out of work and it's no wonder people are lighting up more. Are you a smoker? Or have you quit smoking? Do you find yourself smoking more during this time?

Maybe you weren't even a smoker to begin with?! Listen to our discussion below:

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