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Save the 'scrotum frogs' of Lake Titicaca!

Many of us have probably pointed to and giggled at Lake Titicaca on a map before, but the lake is more than just a goofy sounding name (to us at least). The lake is sits right between Peru and Bolivia at 12,400 feet above sea level.

Lake Titicaca is way up there! It's home to a species of endangered frog nicknamed the "scrotum frog" due to its wrinkly body. The scrotum frog's scientific name is Telmatobius culeus, and environmental groups are trying to save the species from invasive trout and humans who eat them too much.

The frogs are used as an "indicator species" for scientists who are trying to study the rest of the ecosystem of Lake Titicaca. We learned today that people like to chop up the frogs in blenders and make drinks out of them to improve their sex life.

Now we're not scientists by any stretch of the imagination, but surely there are better ways to improve your sexual health than by drinking frog juice. Leave the poor scrotum frogs alone!

Back in 2016, more than 100,000 frogs died suddenly and with no explanation. Local authorities investigated the scene and think the deaths were probably caused by waste and sludge being dumped into the lake.

Both the countries of Peru and Bolivia are working together to what they can to save the frogs. In a statement they said the goal of their project is to "promote the conservation of the Lake Titicaca Giant Frog."

Click here to read more at CNN, and listen to our frog discussion below!

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