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Jaryyd's getting a degree in Cannabis Studies

You remember our friend Jaryyd? We checked in with him a couple of times during the height of Seattle's CHAZ/CHOP drama. Well after the CHOP was dismantled, Jaryyd decided to hitchhike his way down to Portland where he found even more chaos.

Chaos isn't really Jaryyd's thing, you know? He's looking for a more mellow vibe these days. So he went down further south to San Francisco and decided to further his education. Yes he does have a degree in Medieval Puppetry, but he's looking to further his learning and find more fulfillment in his life.

He's enrolled in City College of San Francisco's Cannabis Studies Program. Yes, this is a real program. CCSF officials released a statement saying, "“The degree is as an introduction to the complex biopsychosocial relationship of humans to cannabis in multiple cultural, institutional and interpersonal contexts.”

Jaryyd and his fellow classmates will be required to take three-unit classes including the following:

  • Introduction to Cannabis
  • Anthropology of Cannabis
  • Psychology of Psychoactive Drugs

They can also choose other classes like criminal justice, magic, witchcraft and religion, and drug wars. Students will also study cannabis and its role in crime, race relations, income, religion, and world history.

Yes this is a degree on marijuana, but it Jaryyd may be bummed because students won't actually be consuming anything as part of their studies. Check out our chat with Jaryyd below!

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