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CA's only wolf pack has 8 new pups!

California's only wolf pack just got a little bigger! The eight newborn pups are living in a super secret location in Northern California, but the Department of Fish and Wildlife are not telling anyone exactly where they are.

Wildlife Biologist Amaroq Weiss told the SF Chronicle:

“This is incredible news. This is an endangered species that humans once tried to wipe from the face of the Earth. These little ones give hope to everyone who wants to see wolves reestablished."

We know the wolf den is somewhere in Plumas or Lassen County, but officials are keeping the exact spot secret in order to protect the rare animals from hunters and annoying people who want to take selfies with them.

The new litter consists of four males, two females, and two whose gender is unknown. These little guys were fathered by a different wolf that the previous litter's dad, and the pack is now fourteen strong.

It's important to keep these guys safe, life is not easy for a wolf!

Weiss added:

"Sometimes an elk kicks a wolf in the head. People think wolves are killing machines. That’s not the way it is. Most of the time, a wolf comes back from a hunt empty-handed.”

As your wildlife show of record, we are thrilled to welcome these furry new friends to California! Let's bring the wolves back, may the wolves roam our streets and rule once more!

Read more about the wolf pack's story in the San Francisco Chronicle.

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