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Huzzah! Buckingham Palace gin goes on sale

We love Queen Elizabeth II, in fact we're great friends with her! Liz is a frequent guest on the show (Although Gary never happens to be around. Talk about bad luck!) and we love to chat with her about the latest news from Buckingham Palace and the Royal Family.

Just like Liz, we enjoy a good adult beverage from time to time. Liz's drink of choice happens to be a gin cocktail comprised of one part gin, two parts aperitif, ice cubes, and a slice of lemon. She likes to knock a few of these back before lunch. Sounds delightful!

Well now it looks like we get to enjoy a bit of the beverage the Queen is so fond of and it's straight from Buckingham Palace! Sky News reports The Royal Collection Trust is selling its "small-batch dry gin" online since Coronavirus has shut down their physical shops.

The gin is infused with twelve botanicals plucked straight from the Queen's garden including lemon verbena, bay leaves, mulberry leaves, and hawthorn berries. It's also infused with citrus and other herbal notes to make for a truly delightful experience.

After converting the price from pounds, a bottle of the stuff comes out to about $50. All of the money made will benefit the Royal Collection Trust which takes care of royal artifacts like art and furniture.

With this oppressive heat wave happening right now, some Buckingham gin sounds downright lovely! Unfortunately it looks like it's only available for delivery within the U.K., but you British GaS fans should get a bottle and tell us about it!

Click here to visit the Royal Collection Shop

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