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The Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know!

Friday is here!!!!!!! It was a busy week, so there are a lot of odd stories that we weren't able to get to. But don't worry, we have them right here! We've turned them into hot delicious golden nuggets. They are juicy, one might say they are succulent! We have prepared them and we present them to you on this silver platter. Enjoy!

Honorable Mention - British man tries to steal original Magna Carta

9 - Bodies donated to science in Paris are being eaten by rats

8 - NYC rats are going after COVID street diners

7 - Dead cats get voter registration application in the mail

6 - Thailand rethinking using "slave monkeys" to harvest coconuts

5 - New Jersey suspends betting on Ukrainian table tennis after match-fixing alert

4 - Person assaulted with Sheetz “Boom Boom Sauce” in Cumberland County, police say

3 - Crazy internet theory - Wayfair accused of selling 'missing children' after e-furniture store lists cabinets and throw pillows for $12K

2 - Sprinter Noah Lyles briefly breaks Usain Bolt's 200 meter record, then discovers he only ran 185 meters

1 - Hole in wall allows more than 20 snakes to enter Aurora woman’s apartment

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