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Meet Cute? Man driving stolen car crashes into woman driving stolen car

Courtesy of Newberg-Dundee Police Department

Have you ever heard of a 'meet cute?' If you haven't, meet cutes usually happen in romantic comedies or whatever where two people share an amusing first encounter together.

Maybe your name is Roy and you're at Starbucks. You think you hear your name called for your drink, but when you go to grab it off the counter your hand bumps into a woman's hand also reaching for the drink. Her name is Joy and it was actually her name called for the drink, but you thought you heard your name. This is awkward, but you giggle and then find out your drink order is exactly the same and it's your go-to drink!

Then you go on dates and stuff because you have so much in common, or whatever.

Meet cutes are light and goofy and usually don't involve stolen cars, but that's what may have happened in Oregon. 27-year-old Randy Lee Cooper was trying to escape police in a stolen Land Cruiser when he crashed into a Buick Regal.

He was arrested and charged with a few things including assault and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. While the cops were taking care of him, they discovered the driver of the Buick, 25-year-old Kristin Nicole Begue, was under the influence and her car had been reported stolen about 3 weeks before.

Begue was also charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and for driving under the influence.

What are the chances?! There's no word on whether or not they'll get together, but we're really rooting for these two kids. He stole a car. She stole a car. They crashed into each other, and into our hearts.

Click to read release from Newberg-Dundee Police.

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