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Cocktails in the shower? Sure, why not?

2020 has been a bummer year, we can probably all agree on that. And since we're all stuck inside with nowhere to go, it's more important than ever to take care of our health and well-being.

Sure you could go for a run, or stretch underneath a tree, but sometimes an ice cold beer in a hot steamy shower just hits the spot. We say shower beers are good for the soul, and for your skin!

And you don't have to drink beer, you can bring whatever kind of drink you want into the shower! That's what makes shower drinking so beautiful, it's a very inclusive activity.

Dan Giusti, former head chef of Noma in Copenhagen, told the Wall Street Journal that his shower drink of choice is a double-IPA tallboy. With a beer at his side, he says he almost feels likes on vacation and not in his house where he also has to work from.

Rachel Albright's go-to beverage is wine with lots of ice in it:

“I love a really cold drink in a really hot shower, so sometimes I put a bunch of ice in my wine. There are no rules.”

If you've never sipped and showered, give it a try! You may find you like it. Just be careful!

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