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Gary and Shannon

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Meet the Senior DJs of Radio Recliner!

With all of the terrible news dominating 2020 (Is it really July already?!), it's important to highlight the good stuff happening in the world when we see it. Let us introduce you to Radio Recliner, the first and only "pirate radio station" run entirely by senior citizens from senior living homes!

If you go to you'll find that all the DJs are residents and do all the programming themselves. Each person gets an hour to play their favorite songs and give shoutouts to friends and family listening outside of the home.

It's become a fun way for residents to stay connected during this time and make their voices heard! Radio Recliner co-creator Mitch Bennett told the New York Post:

“We were thinking a lot about retirees, and especially people in the senior living community. Even during the best of times, social isolation is such a problem for them.”

The program originally started with Bridge Senior Living, which owns 24 facilities across the country, but has since expanded to other companies. All of the DJs range between the ages of 60-90 and don't need to know anything about radio or audio engineering. Let's meet some of them!

You can click here to read more DJ bios at

  • DJ Hattie with a Hattitude - "I do love hats, but I also have attitude."
  • DJ California Lulu - "My secret to a long marriage was having a sense of humor and a short memory."
  • DJ Birdman - "I do travel throughout much of the world looking for new birds. I believe birds make this place and this world better."
  • DJ Legal - "Maybe I could have a crisscross group of the Eagles and The Beatles and call them The Beagles."

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