#SmallBusinessShoutout - Antonio's on Melrose

Today's #SmallBusinessShoutout features L.A. classic Antonio's on Melrose! Antonio's Mexican Restaurant and Bar has been around for well over 40 years, serving specialty dishes come from Oaxaca, Guadalajara, Vera Cruz, and the hometown of the owner Monterey, Nuevo Leon.

Today we spoke with Guillermo Rodriguez, Assistant Manager and son-in-law of restaurant founder Antonio Gutierrez. Guillermo admitted to us that business was very slow during the thick of COVID-19 shutdowns, as take-out food is not really what they do at Antonio's.

A couple of weeks ago when sit-down restaurants to the go ahead to reopen, Antonio's found themselves right in the middle the massive protests, riots, and looting that took place along Melrose and the Fairfax District.

Guillermo said he and his son stood out in front of the restaurant all night pleading with people not to break windows or steal anything. Thankfully, people listened to Guillermo and the restaurant is okay.

Many businesses along Melrose were not so lucky however. So if you pop down to Antonio's for food, see what else you can do for the other shops and restaurants in the area.

Check out our interview with Guillermo Rodriguez, and help us continue to support small and local business!

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