Check Out Our First "Virtual" News and Brews!

We can’t do in-person News and Brews events yet, but this marks our first “virtual” News and Brews with our friends from Bravery Brewing in Lancaster! Check out our beer and cheese pairing anytime over the Memorial Day weekend!

The pairings we enjoy in the video:

  1. McMurphy's Irish Red with aged cheddar
  2. Hammer Jefe with goat cheese
  3. El Gigante Barelywine (aged in Bourbon barrels) with Stilton blue cheese
  4. The Shroud Imperial Stout (aged in Islay Scotch barrels) with 1,000-day aged gouda

We found all of the cheeses in this video at Trader Joe's, and of course we got the beer from Bravery Brewing! If you're in their area, pick up some beer and get to tasting!

Check out Bravery Brewing online:

And on Twitter // Instagram: @BraveryBrewing

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