Who does the homeschooling in your house?

We checked back in with our good friend Justin Worsham today, to see how he and the family are doing at home. He brought to our attention an article from the New York Times titled "Nearly Half of Men Say They Do Most Of The Homeschooling. 3% Of Women Agree."

Justin says he does most of the homeschooling with his boys, but according to Times writer Claire Cain Miller and the Morning Consult poll she cites, men aren't doing that much in the education realm.

Miller writes:

Even though men and women are both doing more housework and child care than usual during the lockdown, the survey found, the results suggest they aren’t dividing the work any differently or more equitably than they were before. Seventy percent of women say they’re fully or mostly responsible for housework during lockdown, and 66 percent say so for child care — roughly the same shares as in typical times.

Is this true in your household? Who does the homework? Does it even matter? Check out our segment with Justin below:

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