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The Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know!

Honorable Mention - Japan politician gets snappy after busted watching alligator video during meeting

9 - Hong Kong shop offers ‘tear gas’ flavor ice cream

8 - Dennis Rodman describes wild night of ‘hotties and vodka’ with Kim Jong Un

7 - Blind people shouted at in the street for not social distancing

6 - Man breaks into cancer ward and downs two bottles of sanitizer before falling asleep on hospital bed

5 - Eat cheese! France warned 5,000 tons could go to waste, as Canada deals with its own cheese surplus

4 - French serial-killer 'expert' admits he made up his experience — even the murder of his nonexistent wife

3 - Sleep divorces are on the rise, study says

2 - Charity in England looking for people to walk on Legos to raise money

1 - Coors Light’s 'Clone Machine' allows video chatters to sneak away unnoticed

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