#SmallBusinessShoutout - BoxUnion

We're all still stuck inside, the weather's warming up, and gyms are still closed. Need a way to stay fit? Check out BoxUnion, featured in our latest #SmallBusinessShoutout!

BoxUnion is a fitness boxing business started back in 2017. They've got locations in Santa Monica and West Hollywood, and are planning on opening up a third location in Sherman Oaks.

Because of COVID-19, BoxUnion has pivoted to online classes and lessons which you can find in app stores and at digital.boxunion.com. The workouts don't require a bag but you can buy one to take your training to the next level. Right now BoxUnion a 14-day free trial promo and $20 for the first two months with the code StayStrong.

We could all get off our butts more, this sounds great! Learn more from BoxUnion Co-Founder Todd Wadler:

Follow BoxUnion on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @BoxUnionStudio

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