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Watch: Wild Wine Heist on Highway 99

Well this is a new one. The CHP in Modesto arrested a man for jumping onto a moving tanker truck carrying red wine up Highway 99, opening a valve, and chugging the stuff!

The crazy incident was recorded by cameras on the truck. We first see suspect, Gabriel Moreno, in his sedan with the hazard lights on, directing the Cherokee Freight Lines truck over to the side of the road. The truck driver pulled over thinking Moreno needed help, but soon we see Moreno jump out wearing only his underwear running toward the truck!

Moreno jumps on to the side of the truck as it accelerates to freeway speeds, and climbs underneath it! What is this guy on?! It looks like some kind of Fast and Furious-style stunt.

The driver of the truck noticed he was losing fluids, so he called CHP. Modesto CHP officer Tom Olsen told CBS 13 Sacramento:

“I’ve listened to thousands and thousands of calls. This one’s up there in the top 10.”

The half-nude Moreno had managed to unscrew a valve underneath the truck to let the wine flow, and as it gushed, he gulped. He was caught and sent off to jail, but the trucking company says it lost about 1,000 gallons of wine.

That's a shame!

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