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#TechTalk - Tech tips to save cash while you're stuck at home

Looking for some new ways to save money during quarantine? Marc Saltzman joined us today with some tech tips & tricks to save cash. If you've become a serious at-home shopper while you've been stuck at home, you should check out Slickdeals.

Slickdeals is a community of bargain hunters that help each other find the best deals on the net.

Here is how it all works. Someone posts a deal and other users can vote it up or down. The more a deal is voted on, it gets validated and catapults to the top of the savings list. There are many categories on the site including home, grocery, computers and clothing.

Right now there's a great deal running on a 85inch Sony 1950g TV. It's normally priced at $4,300 but can be had today for $2,500!

Do you like classic video games? Another great deal is 100 Atari video games for just $1! Slickdeals will alert your phone when there's a great deal going on, so you won't miss a thing. If you love bargain shopping give it a try!

If shopping isn't in the cards right now, maybe you should be looking into how you can save on your utility bills. They've surely gone up a bit since you've been stuck at home. Here are some ways to outsmart those annoying bills.

Wi-FI Thermostat:

A Wi-Fi thermostat is a great way to save cash. It can automate when your heating and cooling system turns on/off. The thermostat can also be hooked up via an application to your phone and can be controlled remotely if desired.

LED Upgrades:

This is a simple way to save money on electricity. Do you still have those old incandescent light bulbs around the house? Swap them out for LED lighting and it will save you some serious cash. You can even buy smart LEDs that can be turned on/off via your smartphone or even scheduled when to turn on/off for even more savings.

Smart Plugs:

These can be added to your traditional outlet and can be controlled via Bluetooth.Many times, traditional outlets will still use energy just because something is plugged in. These smart plugs can completely cut off the electricity so that no power or money is being wasted!

Click here to read Marc Saltzman's article in USA Today, and check out our chat with him below:

You can follow Marc Saltzman on Twitter @Marc_Saltzman

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