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Justin Worsham with some ways to keep your kids in shape and entertained

We're probably about six weeks or so into this whole stay-at-home thing, and it feels like things are getting a little stale. Remember when it started and people were coming up with wacky ways to stay entertained? We could definitely freshen things up a bit.

We checked in with Justin Worsham today to see how his family is holding up. Right now he's trying to get his boys to exercise more, but he's having a disagreement with his wife about it. Justin wants them to do exercise that gets their heart rates up while his wife is cool with going on walks. Both are great for kids, but they're both a little different depending on your kids' needs.

How are your kids at home? Is their physical activity on the decline because recess is no more? Here's one way you can get your kids busy and working out. Justin recommends P.E. With Joe on YouTube!

Each video is only about 30 minutes long, and it shouldn't be too hard to get your kids to do a workout a few times a week. And after a good workout, maybe they want to relax and check out the Beluga Whale livestream at the Georgia Zoo!

You can click here to see that.

Need some other ideas? How about a dance party? Yes it can be a little corny, but if you've got younger ones this is a fun way to get them moving and possibly embarrass them with your old moves. Just please, do not end up like the employees at that Oregon VA office.

You can click here with caution to view that.

Another thing Justin and his family like to do is something they call "Ice Cream Santa." What they do is pick up ice cream and cookies from Sliders Bakery and Ice Cream Factory here in Burbank, drop it off on a friend's porch, ding dong ditch them, and run away. It's a fun way to support local business and do something nice for your friends. And plus, what kid wouldn't enjoy a good old ding dong ditch!

How is your family staying entertained, fit, sane, etc? Let us know on Twitter @GaryAndShannon!

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