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#TechTalk - Lonely? Your smart speaker can keep you company

Like many Americans, you have probably already done all the chores around the house. But as quarantine continues to roll on, you need some new things to keep you busy. Or maybe you just want something different to do? Our tech expert Marc Saltzman joined us with some ways you can "hang out" with your smart speaker!

Phone Calls:

You can use your speaker to make hands free calls. No landline is needed. All you need to do is say call or dial and the number to start an instant conversation with a friend or loved one. Depending on your speaker, you may even be able to call some international countries. This service is very handy if you want to order takeout! So, try making a hands-free call when you order that pizza tonight.


Did you know, that smart speakers can be used for fun and games? Song Quiz is a name-that-tune trivia game that can be played with multiple players in the same room or via the internet. If you prefer to escape current reality, “The Magic Door” is a fun and entertaining mystery game that features hidden items, solving puzzles and helping magical creatures. So, tell all your friends and play them this weekend through your smart speaker. Or have fun playing it alone!


It can be frustrating trying to listen to your favorite radio station at home with little to no signal. Amazon and Google smart speakers can be used for radio stations. Furthermore, music and podcasts can all be played from your speaker. Audiobooks are available for a small fee or subscription service. Try out your speaker today and ask it to play KFI!


Think you've heard every terrible dad joke? There are plenty more out there, and Alexa and Google can help you find them. Just ask the speaker to tell you a joke and your wish shall be granted! This could keep the kids out of your hair for a while.


Lastly, your smart speaker can also help you relax with meditation and breathing exercises. Sometimes a soothing voice, is all you need to take the edge off from a stressful day. Just tell Alexa or Google that you want to meditate, and you will get various voice guided exercises to choose from!

Check out all the tips from Marc Saltzman in our interview below, and learn who is top three favorite bands of all time are. Rush didn't make the cut!

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