Wax Pack: Searching for The Players From a 1986 Pack of Baseball Cards

Brad Balukjian is a biology professor at Merritt College in Oakland, and he is also a huge baseball nerd. In his new book The Wax Pack, Balukjian chronicles his road trip across the country, as he tracks down players from from a single pack of baseball cards from 1986 that had remained sealed for almost thirty years.

He took his trip in the summer of 2015, driving 1,341 miles through thirty states in forty-nine days. He got to know a lot of the players personally, doing things like hitting lessons from Rance Mulliniks, watching Kung Fu movies with Garry Templeton, and going to the zoo with Don Carman.

It's an amazing and fun story, and is just the kind of book you should read to distract yourself from the coronavirus craziness right now. Here are all the players included in the book:

  • Carlton Fisk
  • Doc Gooden
  • Rance Mulliniks
  • Jaime Cocanower
  • Steve Yeager
  • Garry Templeton
  • Gary Pettis
  • Randy Ready
  • Don Carman
  • Vince Coleman
  • Lee Mazzilli
  • Rich Hebner
  • Rick Sutcliffe
  • Al Cowens (deceased)

Check out our interview with Brad Balukjian, and get yourself a copy of the book!

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