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Tasty Tuesday - Coronavirus' Impact on Grocery Shopping

It's Tasty Tuesday yet again, so let's kick it off with a food joke!

Shannon: Hey Nick?

Nick: Yeah Shannon?

Shannon: What is a tree's favorite soda?

Nick: I don't know.

Shannon: ROOT BEER!

Cue @ForkReporter theme song:

Okay now we can get into it. We all saw people swarm grocery stores stocking up on food because they're afraid it's all going to run out. Neil says that's not the case. There is no shortage of food and the food supply is doing just fine:

We crapped on the system. The truth is there's no more people and no more need than before. We just crapped on the system by hoarding, grabbing as much as we can and not knowing when we would go again.

As far as best practices for staying safe while out shopping for groceries? You probably don't need a mask and gloves, but please don't be one of those fools who thinks it's funny to cough all over the produce for Instagram likes. It's not funny.

Things will be okay! Neil also has some tips on freezing foods properly. Listen below in the latest edition of Tasty Tuesday!

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