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#SmallBusinessShoutOut - The Derby Restaurant in Arcadia

Today's #SmallBusinessShoutout goes to The Derby Restaurant in Arcadia! The Derby is still open for business during COVID-19, and on the front page of their site you'll see a link to their take out menu.

They're open for pickup and delivery everyday from 4pm to 9pm. A family meal deal can feed a family of four for as little as $15 a person! You can get $5 mixed drinks, $8 barrel aged cocktails, and a bottle of wine as low as $15. The Derby's discounted menu was created to help out the community that has supported them for over 98 years. That's a long time!

Food pickup (food only, no drinks) is available through GrubHub and UberEats (offering free delivery), but they'd like to use as many in-house people as possible for deliveries so they can keep them employed during these tough times.

Show your support for a Southern California institution and fantastic local business by calling them for something to eat!

Contact info:


Facebook: @thederbyrestaurant

Twitter: @derbyarcadia

Instagram: @thederbybyarcadia

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