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#TechTalk: Tech Free Bedrooms & Free Movies

Like all consumers, you have a ton of technology around the house. But did you know, that it's a good idea to keep it out of the bedroom?

There are three main reasons to put the phone down before hitting the hay.

  1. Night light which can disrupt your hormones also known as blue light can harm your sleep
  2. Phones are a digital distraction and make it hard to focus
  3. (FOMO) aka fear of missing out can all impede on your quality of sleep

Are you one of the many Americans that streams movies at home? What if I told you there is a way to legally stream movies for free?

Well, great news because there is a way. In fact there are ten different ways to stream movies for free. If you have a Roku or another streaming device, there are several services that you can use to stream movies such as Kanopy, Popcornflix, Vimeo and more.

These options will give you a way to access a ton of content, without the worry of paying for entertainment.

To learn more about tech-free bedrooms and free movies, go to to USA Today

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