Man Makes Animal Shelter His Temporary Home

There are dog lovers out there, but then there are dog advocates.On Tuesday Sept. 17th, Scott Poore moved into Great Plains SPCA in Merriam, Kansas. Queen, a terrier mix has been at the shelter for more than 400 days with no hope for adoption. Queen's heartbreaking situation has inspired Poore to move into her little room at the shelter. In a video on social media, Poore states, "I'm gonna stay here until we find her not just a home, but the perfect home." Poore is determined to live with Queen at the shelter until they can find her a forever home."

The compassion and love Poore has for Queen is commendable. However, have Poore's actions gone a little too far? He believes that living with Queen will increase her chances of getting adopted. He states that Queen lived most of her life behind a dumpster in a bad area. Since then, she has been given the proper medical care and attention at the shelter, which means she's more than ready for adoption.

Many people have been asking why Poore doesn't take in Queen. It is strange that he's putting his life on hold to live with Queen at the shelter with no intention of taking her home. He responds by stating, "Everybody wants me to but everybody who knows me knows this is what I do." He goes on to say, "I'm in the business of exporting, not importing." Because Poore doesn't plan to adopt Queen himself, he hopes a kind soul will be inspired by his story to come and adopt this sweet, lonely dog.

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