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A New 'Sonic the Hedgehog' Trailer Just Dropped

So there is a new trailer for that upcoming 'Sonic the Hedgehog' movie.

I'm going to be completely honest: It looks bad. Before you get mad at me, I'm not the only one who's thinking this.

Where do we begin?

Let's start with Sonic himself. He's being voiced by the very funny Ben Schwartz. That's the only positive. Besides that, he just looks...weird. In the video games, Sonic looks more like a hedgehog (hence the name). In this trailer, Sonic looks taller and more human-like. This is leading certain people to ask, "Why is Sonic naked except for his shoes?". I really think it's his legs. In order to make Sonic look more "realistic", they made his legs longer and everything else looks just off.

Let's move on to the human characters. Jim Carrey is playing Sonic's main antagonist, Doctor. Eggman (or Doctor Robotnik depending on the game). He looks fine I guess. He's just being classic Jim Carrey, so if you're into that, you'll probably like his performance. James Marsden plays Tom Wachowski who plays Sonic's human friend. He feels completely out of place. Honestly, if the producers had given this role to Ben Schwartz, they could have used his comedic timing to full effect. Instead, we have someone who looks like he just wants to go back to bed.

Finally, the song they chose to play is "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio. The song is about growing up on the streets and how the singer is unsure how long he'll live due to the violence. "What does that have to do with Sonic?" you may ask. Nothing. The trailer takes what seems to be a lighthearted movie and uses a song about serious issues as a background track.

We don't have that much footage so it might all turn out good. The movie drops on November 8th so we'll just have to wait and see.

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