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Tokers Catch A Tiger In A Home

All they wanted was to smoke their weed in peace.

Just a nice quiet place where nobody was going to interfere with their bro bonding. So, they went searching Houston for a cool place to hang.

Little did they know that they'd come across a cat.

Not a little purr purr kitty cat.


They found a roar roar jungle cat.

An 1,100 pound tiger to be exact.

Luckily, the tokers called the authorities to inform them about the caged cat.

According to USA Today, officers tranquilized the female tiger and then turned it over to the city's animal shelter.

Lara Cottingham, chief of staff of Houston's Administration and Regulatory Affairs Department, said tigers are nothing new for the city staff.

“This is not the first tiger that has been picked up by BARC. People think that it is fun or that it is cool to have an exotic pet. More often than not it gets big, it gets expensive, it gets dangerous, and they end up turning the animal in or abandoning it.”

All in all, the tiger was healthy and is now doing well while waiting for a long-term home.

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