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@DrWendyWalsh Talks Mental Health And Family Relationships

The parents of the Jacksonville shooting suspect, David Katz, struggled for years trying to get their son help before he recently decided to kill others, as well as himself, at a video game tournament last week.

Katz and his family had a serious past with mental health struggles, and everyone that knew him described him as "antisocial," and even "hostile toward his mother."

His parents both sought out treatment options for him, but nothing ever seemed to work. And it all seemed to take a toll, leading the two to divorce years ago.

"A raft of psychologists and counselors offered various opinions on his behavior over the years. In court records, one therapist described 12-year-old David Katz as suffering a “psychiatric crisis.” The therapist concluded in 2006 that the boy’s depression interfered with his ability to eat, sleep and rise from bed."

What more could have been done? 

Should the parents have done anything differently?

How do you help a child with mental illness before it's "too late"?

@DrWendyWalsh joined the show today to discuss the topic. Take a listen below:

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