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@DrWendyWalsh Discusses Why Some Decide To Murder Their Family

(Courtesy: Weld County Sheriff)

When a person commits a murder, there are many factors that come into the mix. From mental health, to previous convictions, to personal relationships, and beyond.

But when someone murders their own family, there are so many more questions and factors that go into why they decided to do what they did.

A few factors that may have a big impact on these killers:

  • Availability of guns
  • Financial troubles
  • Jealousy
  • Substance abuse
  • Social factors
  • Over-enmeshment

@DrWendyWalsh joined Gary and Shannon today to talk about the sad realities of family annihilators as it applies to Chris Watts and the murder of his wife and children. Take a listen below:

Read the full article on ABC News.

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