US Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke Joins The Show To Talk Wildfires

Jane Wells and Mark Thompson spoke to Ryan Zinke, the U.S. Secretary of the Interior about the California wildfires and what the Trump administration is doing to handle the situation.


Zinke recently wrote an article on why active forest management is important.

"First, it is better for the environment to manage the forests. Wildfires produce smoke and emissions. The release of gases and particles can negatively affect air quality. Fires also damage watersheds, and as we see fires burning hotter and longer, the soil is actually becoming scorched and sterilized, preventing regrowth. In addition, while many of the frivolous lawsuits waged to stop timber harvests cite habitat as a concern, environmental litigants are little concerned when an entire forest burns to the ground and the habitat and wildlife are lost."

You can read the rest on USA Today.

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