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Jane Wells And The Crew Attempt To Cure Their Hangovers

Jane Wells and the crew decided to get drunk last night in order to wake up with hangovers this morning.

Uh... What? A hangover? On PURPOSE?! 

Why would anyone do that? Let's just say it's been a long week.

Oh, I guess I should mention why we're self-inducing hangovers right before another early morning at work...

Jane introduced us to the Banana Bag, a new oral solution that is supposedly the "hangover cure".

Some of the most beneficial vitamins inside include A, B, C, D, and an impressive amount of complex B vitamins.

"High dose solubilized vitamins help replenish what can be lost to chronic illness, alcohol consumption, and general dietary deficiencies," according to the company.

So we put it to the test!

Here's a quick rundown of Jane's night:

  • A strong start with a Sauza Blanco margarita...
  • Then a shot of Don Julio 1942... (Wow, this is getting intense!)
  • Next was half a bottle of cheap white wine...
  • And finally (wait... there's MORE?) another half bottle of wine, this time a cheap red wine.

Wow. Jane Wells... WELL done!

We're impressed... but also very worried about how you're going to feel in the morning.

Fast forward to 5 a.m. the next morning...

  • Jane tells us she rolled out of bed around 5 this morning... very hungover.
  • She took the Banana Bag at 5:09.
  • Around 5:35, she noticed her headache was gone.
  • At 6:10, her nausea had completely disappeared as well.

She says she's still a bit tired, but definitely noticed a difference in her hangover after taking the oral solution.

Take a listen to Jane recall her Banana Bag experience below:

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