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The O.C Opioid Crisis Explored In "Behind The Orange Curtain"

Brent Huff's "Behind The Orange Curtain" is a documentary about the opioid epidemic in Orange County and the impact it is having on people of all ages in the area.

"Behind the Orange Curtain" was picked up for distribution by Filmbuff and enjoyed numerous successful screenings across the country.

The film won the Metropolitan Film Festival in New York before selling out four screenings at the Newport Beach Film Festival.

You can watch the film on Hulu, iTunes, and Amazon.

Learn more about the film at

Brent is currently in post-production on his documentary film, Welcome to the Beyond: The Hoyt Richards Story. The documentary is a shocking look at the life of Hoyt Richards. Hoyt achieved icon status in the modeling industry after graduating from Princeton University, only to be brainwashed by a controversial cult based in New York City.

Learn more about him and his works at

Brent Huff - Behind The Orange Curtain

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