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Beverage Director Chris Chernock of DTLA’s Asterid Talks Happy Hour

A customer service professional with over 16 years in the industry spanning from barista to private fine dining server to Michelin-awarded bar manager.  

He helped open numerous award-winning restaurants, created countless menus, and helped educate a generation of bartenders while increasingly rounding his experiences with private bartending, consulting, and brand representation


Having a growing background in agave spirits, he focused on the vast cultural history of Mexico, Mexican Beverages, and telling their stories through cocktails.

These cocktails are a MUST TRY! Beverage Director, Chris Chernock, breaks down exactly how he put together these PHENOMENAL cocktails.

New Happy Hour from 5pm-7pm 10 items for $10 

Highlights include:



carbonadi italian vodka, dry vermouth, orange bitters



hatozaki small batch Japanese whisky, soda water


Gin & Hop Water (N/A)

cedar’s crisp botanical 0% gin, hop water



your choice of white, orange, rose, or red


40oz Miller High Life

served with chilled coupe and bucket


Caviar Bites

grand selection schrenckii, honeynut squash tamal, crema

*priced per piece

For more information check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook

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