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Check Out Vampire.Pizza's New L.A. Halloween Experience!

To get the dinner table ready for Halloween, the fang-tastic Vampire.Pizza - the first of its kind EATertainment food delivery experience that exploded during the early days of the pandemic - is returning to LA with more “food delivery magic.”

With deliveries beginning October 1, the new “Get Trick or Treated” Halloween experience offers players a chance to “Eat - Play - WIN!”

Available for 1-6 players, Vamps use the immersive evidence, video messages and secret phone numbers hidden in their delivery to solve clues and relay the answers back to the interactive characters, to crack the mystery. And all while enjoying a delicious pizza dinner.

Covens that beat their mission are going to #GetTrickorTreated with instant prize packages like tickets to LA’s Haunted Hayride, Two Bit Circus, MadCap Motel and Area15, or even an Oculus Quest 2.

Reservations are now open for pre-orders at Bite.Delivery!

But wait! There's more!!!

The Fork Reporter got to speak with the CEO and Founder of Bite.Delivery, Josh Sugarman!

“At Bite, we think getting food delivered shouldn’t be boring, and for Halloween we’re using all sorts of new tech and surprises to load up our deliveries with secrets to discover." Josh Sugarman says. "Collect BiteCoins and virtual objects you find while playing one of our dozens of missions. Use your stash to buy great food and more games. It’s like being a character in a video game.”

Take a listen to the interview below!

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