Fortune of Barbie-Q Joins The Fork Reporter

A Woman making it in a man's industry.

Fortune Southern owns Barbie-Q which started as a food truck and is now a successful restaurant with amazing food!

With the world on pause, owner Fortune Southern focused her energy on fulfilling her dreams by transitioning her long running food truck into a full service restaurant. After years of sweat and sacrifice, she has persevered as one of the only black female owners to find success in an unforgiving, male dominated world of street food. Against all odds, Fortune took her experience from the tireless chaos of the food truck industry and paired it with unique and home style flavors from her childhood. Bold Flavors, Consistent Quality and Unmatched Customer Service.

Barbie Q finds pride in doing something commonly attempted but rarely perfected, serving classic comfort food with a modern twist. Whether you’re craving the crisp snap of a sausage sandwich, hand breaded chicken crunch or a rack of ribs that can barely cling on to the bone, Barbie Q has you covered. And in order to cater to all palates, Barbie Q strives to accommodate a wide spectrum of dietary restrictions. 

Be sure to check out their full menu on their website. Follow Barbie-Q Instagram and Facebook.

Take a listen to the interview!

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