Low-Alcohol Cocktails

Producer Mondo here with a great food tip. Sometimes when you don't want to try a stiff drink but are still looking for a tasty beverage, you can try a low-alcohol cocktail or a mocktail. The Daily Meal has a great article on low-alcohol cocktails and how this is trend is here to stay.

What are low-alcohol cocktails? Low-proof cocktails are just what they sound like: cocktails that contain less alcohol. As Maureen Petrosky, author of the just released book “ZERO PROOF drinks & more 100 Recipes for Mocktails & Low-Alcohol Cocktails” points out, “this category is a little tricky because you know, there's no hard and fast rules about what makes a drink low alcohol. It's just that they're lower in alcohol than traditional drinks.”

Check out the full article HERE

One of my picks for a mocktail is Khan Saab in Fullerton, my favorite is a "Dirty Sprite". They have a great food menu and a large mocktail selection.