Celebrating Haitian Cuisine with Chef Manouschka Guerrier

Chef Manouschka Guerrier is a private chef who has cooked for celebrities like Drake, Missy Elliott and Ariana Grande, and more... She's also been a featured chef on the Food Network, NBC, OWN Network, and many others. But what she's most proud of is her Haitian culture.

She grew up in a big Haitian family that migrated from Brooklyn to Cincinnati to Miami, and food played a big part of their lives. Her grandmother Olga cooked every day, and their meals always brought people together around the table.

Chef Manouschka joined the Fork Report this weekend to talk about her Haitian culture and how she incorporates it into her delicious food. She also shared her thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement and how it all connects for her.

Listen below!

Follow Chef Manouschka on Instagram: @single_serving, and click HERE to visit her website.

Check out the LA Times for a list of over 200 black-owned restaurants and food businesses you can support around Los Angeles.

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