These Are The California Guidelines For Restaurant Reopenings

As our favorite local dine-in restaurants prepare to open back up, there are many protocols that they must adhere to in order to keep their employees and customers safe. Just this week, the state of California released a checklist intended to help those dine-in restaurant employers implement their plans. The checklist includes everything from employee training, to cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and of course those new physical distancing guidelines...

Get ready to see servers and other restaurant employees with face coverings, as well as less seating options when able to dine-in. Restaurants will also be asked to prioritize outdoor seating if it's available.

Oh, and remember those condiment bottles and napkin holders you used to see on restaurant tables? Say goodbye to those! Unless considered absolutely necessary, restaurants will no longer be able to pre-set their tables with those salt shakers and condiments.

And of course, expect to see hand sanitizer dispensers at restaurant entrances and other high-contact areas.