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The Weirdest 'Quarantine Snacks' People Are Making at Home

Many of us are under stay-at-home orders. So that means you may have to get pretty creative with your meals because one thing is for certain, we are not wasting food. (Or standing in line at the grocery store everyday...)

Eat This, Not That! put together a list of the weirdest quarantine meals and snacks that are making their way around social media. So the next time you take your 12th trip to the kitchen looking for something to put together, keep these in mind:

Let's start with the mustard apple.

This one is pretty straight forward... Put some mustard on an apple.

And surely you've had Rice Krispie Treats, but have you had Flamin Hot Cheeto Treats?!

You just replace the Rice Krispies with Flamin Hot Cheetos, (and if you are super fancy you can add Nutella).

And perhaps you've heard of a donut hamburger, or even a donut chicken sandwich...

So one woman thought, why not make a pizza-style donut sandwich? (Or is it a donut-style pizza sandwich???)

And that's just the beginning of the quarantine creativity going on in the kitchen.

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